Health Insurance for Small Businesses, Large & Mid-Sized Employers & Owners

Benefits are among the few reasons why skilled workers join or stay in a company. They help enrich employee morale and maintain, if not increase, productivity. One of the benefits you should consider providing your employees is health insurance. In fact, the law requires businesses with 50 or more full-time employees to provide affordable, minimum-value group health insurance.

How Health Insurance Benefits Your Employees

It gives employees peace of mind to know that their families have a certain protection from possible financial loss when they get sick and unable to work or earn wages. With health insurance, their medical expenses can be partially or fully covered and therefore eliminate the threat of a large financial burden. Also, obtaining employer-sponsored health insurance generally costs less than obtaining individual or family health insurance due to the tax-free nature of group health plans.

How Health Insurance Benefits You

There are a number of benefits your business can enjoy when providing health insurance to your employees. Aside from securing a high production rate, you can also receive tax credits by purchasing small group health insurance plans for your employees, if you have fewer than 25 employees and are below a specific average salary threshold.

With proper benefits planning, you can help your employees save a great deal of money. As the business owner, you can deduct your whole health insurance costs as a form of business expense.

Why Choose ESIS?

We don’t just provide health insurance, we also make sure that our clients fully understand the complexities of this industry and how to work their way around them to avoid financial and legal issues. Our clients range from large organizations looking for complex benefits packages to organizations looking for small business health insurance. With the intricate legislation affecting insurance, it can be difficult to purchase insurance without facing certain risks.

We can help you with your benefits planning by providing legislative educational articles that can increase your understanding of health insurance as a whole. By fully understanding state-specific or national health insurance legislation, you can make an educated decision that would ensure the quality of benefits you will provide your employees.

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