Employee Benefits

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Custom solutions for all of your health care management needs: benefit plan analysis, contribution strategies, health and wellness education and training, claims analysis and consumer-driven programs.

Plan Implementation

Securing the best insurance package for your business begins with planning. Analyzing all your risks is critical to the successful implementation of your employer group benefits. Employers Select Insurance Services Inc., will partner with you by providing ongoing assistance, consultation and services that will help you control your insurance expenses, choose the best plan to fit your company's needs and promote responsible health care consumerism.


Executive Benefits

Attract and Retain Top Talent


Employee satisfaction is paramount to retaining top employees. Employers Select Insurance Services Inc., can help you measure employee satisfaction and engagement, plus develop strategies to improve in these areas. In addition, you'll have access to fully customizable benefits statements to educate employees on the full value of their benefits and to increase employee appreciation of their total compensation package.


Have you recently evaluated your executive compensation packages? Consider key-employee benefits such as additional life insurance, supplemental disability plans, Long Term Care and Medical Gap Plans. Employers Select Insurance Services Inc., can assess your goals and show what's needed to get there.



Improve Employee Morale and Strengthen Retention

Employer Wellness Programs are an investment in your employees and your bottom line.

Workplace Wellness

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