Benefits Consulting for Mid-Sized & Large Employers Throughout California and Nationwide

Why Choose Employers Select?

Have you ever worked with a brokerage that didn’t truly listen and didn’t seem to care about your benefit goals? If so, you will find we are a refreshing opposite to that approach. We listen and we care. We care about both you and your employees, by protecting your bottom line and your employee’s wallet as well.

Annual Strategic Benefit Planning

Our custom strategic planning process begins with listening carefully to your benefit objectives. We will guide you through the many benefit options that are available to meet your specific needs. We realize that goals are not stagnant each year. One year recruiting may be your top objective, the next enhancing benefits for key employees, then perhaps the need to reduce costs. As your advisor, we can guide you through the strategies to accomplish your everchanging year-to-year goals. Let’s execute your plan together.

Employees at Work


Benefits can be confusing -                                      We make you feel confident in your decisions

Feel confident when implementing benefit plans created specifically for your team. Proper benefits design begins with knowing your audience, your people, your company's most valuable asset. "People analytics" is our fresh approach to modern benefits planning. By analyzing many factors that make up your population and providing detailed benefits benchmarking, we can help you build a better benefits package.

Allow us to provide the customized approach you deserve and give you more value for your benefits investment.


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The time may be right to consider working with a new Benefits Advisor. Don’t wait for your employees to raise concerns about their health insurance options or cost. visit our contact page and let's have a conversation to see if we are a fit for you. Our team will gladly answer your questions and provide you with a complementary consultation.