Minimize Risk through Proper Compliance

Do you find it difficult to keep up with legislation affecting insurance, your industry and your business? Employers Select insurance Services Inc., can provide Legislative Brief educational articles to help you understand important regulations and stay in compliance. Our materials cover health care reform, COBRA, HIPPA, FMLA, Medicare Part D, ADA, state-specific legislation and more.

Employers Select Insurance Services, Inc., will also provide all required employee benefit filings and documentation, SPD/Wrap documents & annually required employee notices.


We have all the resources you need to successfully navigate the ACA.



Employers Select Insurance Services, Inc., provides complete Federal COBRA and HIPPA administrative services.


ERISA requires that you provide several types of documents to the Department of Labor (DOL) and plan participants. Noncompliance can result in fines, so make sure you're providing the right documents at the right times.


The Department of Labor (DOL) has broad authority to investigate or audit an employee benefit plan's compliance with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Audits are performed by the DOL's Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA).



 Providing Continuous Education, Training, and Top Technical Resources


Education & Training

We provide exceptional service through our education and training opportunities. Our employee open enrollment meetings are designed to help educate employees, promote health care consumerism and reduce high claim utilization and high-dollar claim expenses.

Human Resources Education, Tools and Forms

Our HR policy support includes educational articles on important HR issues, plus tools such as surveys, checklists, letters and forms as well as a comprehensive employee handbook and HR Hotline.

Open Enrollment Support

Open Enrollment is your opportunity to show the value and special features of the benefit package you have provided to your employees. Employers Select Insurance Services Inc., will enthusiastically conduct an open enrollment meeting and Q&A session.

  • Professionally designed open enrollment guides with plan summaries, definitions and helpful tips.
  • Complete online enrollment capability
  • HSA education and tracking tools
  • Custom benefits app
  • Employee access to Employers Select Account Managers for questions