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Employers Select Insurance Services Joins OneDigital, a leading insurance, financial services, and HR Consulting firm.

Every employer wants their staff to feel satisfied with their work, not only because they want them to be happy, but because a better emotional well-being increases productivity and reduces occurrences of sickness and absence. With as many as 40% of people reporting poor emotional health, employers need to do what they can to make a person’s work life as satisfying as possible. There are many things you can do, but enrolling your employees in a group health insurance plan is one big step.

The Importance of Job Satisfaction

There are thought to be six factors in a person’s life that affects their emotional well-being, and their working environment is one of them. People who are happy in their jobs will likely stay in positions longer, produce higher quality work and be loyal to your brand. This means a person’s job satisfaction has direct consequences for an employer.

Group Health Insurance Could Improve Your Employees’ Job Satisfaction

People who are offered excellent benefits such as health insurance alongside their salary would think twice before leaving a company. Less staff turnover means less unnecessary money spent on recruitment and training.

The Link Between Emotional and Physical Health

The emotional well-being of your staff can directly influence their physical health. Stress, sadness and anxiety can all manifest in physical health concerns, including high blood pressure, dizziness and nausea.

An employee with poor health is more likely to be absent from work, which could cost your business money in lost productivity and even temporary replacements. Good health insurance will ensure that a person receives adequate care and gets back to work as soon as possible or may not have to miss work at all. Over 250 million workdays are lost to stress every year in America, and these can be greatly reduced by providing suitable benefits such as health insurance to your employees.

Less Financial Strain

Money worries can be crippling, so providing your employees with health insurance can help to significantly reduce stress over finances. An insurance services company can help you tailor a plan that’s financially viable for both you and your employees. There is wide range of program features to choose from, such as life insurance, supplemental disability plans, medical gap plans, and long term care plans that ensure adequate coverage.

Taking the worry of having to provide for their own medical coverage will do much toward motivating your employees to perform at their best. In many cases, you can recoup the cost of providing your staff with a group health insurance through improved worker morale and efficiency.


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