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Employers Select Insurance Services Joins OneDigital, a leading insurance, financial services, and HR Consulting firm.

A lot of small business owners, particularly those with less than 50 employees, are reluctant to offer health insurance because of its cost. However, recent developments in the health care and insurance industry have led to more viable options.
With the many health plan carriers and public and private group health exchanges in California, small and mid-sized businesses now have access to affordable health insurance options that were once enjoyed exclusively by larger entities.
Attract and Retain Employees
Health insurance is considered as one of the most significant benefits a business can offer. It protects employees from financial trouble when they suffer a medical emergency. Experienced employees know how valuable this benefit is.

Top Reasons Why You Should Offer Small Business Health Insurance

Most skilled workers these days are looking to work in a company that offers employer-based health insurance. Apart from attracting highly-skilled employees, businesses also lower their attrition rate. Businesses can also incorporate this benefit into their recruitment strategy.
Maintain Production
Most health insurance plans allow employees to go for an annual physical at an affordable rate or for free. By keeping up-to-date with their health, employees can identify health issues in their early stages and prevent them from becoming serious conditions that can lead to reduced productivity or even leaves of absence for medical treatment.
A Favor for the Employees
A lot of employees will want to purchase coverage with or without their employer’s involvement. The problem is that individual health insurance is usually very expensive and many employees may not be able to afford the premiums. Small business health insurance is less expensive than individual coverage.
If you are looking to offer and employer based group health insurance plan, make sure to choose a trusted provider. An experienced benefits broker can help you look at the various employee benefit programs available and help educate employers who want to understand how to maximize health insurance and benefits for their employees.
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